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  • 30M Race Engine

    30M Race Engine

    Product Description
    The 500cc 30M race specification engine from Works Racing is built for one purpose - to win races. It is the ultimate 86mm bore Norton engine and has a pedigree to prove it.

    In 2010, the first test engine won its first 6 races straight off the drawing board and since then Works customers have enjoyed unprecedented success. The engine is an exact recreation of the final 1962 specification Manx engines made at Bracebridge Street, but benefits from a myriad of detail improvements. These improvements are aimed at increased performance, improved durability and oil tightness.

    The improvements include:
    One piece crank shaft with modern racing big end shell bearing - for improved crank stiffness and smooth running.
    Double row ball timing side main bearing - as used on original works engines.
    Extra wide needle bearings on drive side - for extra crankshaft support.
    Cross braced piston - for improved durability.
    Cylinder head ports machined on 5 axis CNC - for optimised air flow and increased power.
    Combustion chamber is fully machined - for accurate squish control.
    Uprated oil pump - for improved lubrication.
    Nicasil plated cylinder barrel (no liner) - for improved heat dissipation.
    Lightweight stainless steel valves - for reduced valve-train losses.
    Fully enclosed valve springs with o ring seals - no need for messy silicone.

    Please see the part spec page for more technical information.
    • Availability: Built to order
    • Part Number: MN1.30M.Eng.GP


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