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  • 4LS Front Brake

    4LS Front Brake
    Product Description
    This part is an accurate recreation of the brake used by Norton on the 1962 only production Manx race bikes.

    The design of the hub has been subtly altered to maintain its geometry under extreme conditions. In other words it stays round when it gets hot. Most importantly, the cast iron liners are not pegged in position using grub screws, as this method of liner retention has caused many older hubs to crack.

    The Works hub features a totally different method of liner retention not used on other Norton brakes. The geometry of the brake plates and shoes have also been carefully calculated rather than blindly copied. The brake features magnesium shoes as standard and the extra wide linings provide almost 70 square inches of braking area, 75% more than the 8 inch single sided brake used on the Manx until 1961.

    All parts are manufactured in house to ensure the highest quality. The brakes are also built in house where each brake plate assembly is fitted with shims under the shoes, then turned to the precise size of its mating liner bore so that no bedding-in is required.

    Hubs can be supplied bare or built into a rim of the customer’s choice. Please contact us soon to discuss your requirements.
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