2MTT Replica Magnetos Back In Production.

2MTT Replica Magneto Production of the excellent electronic 2MTT replica ignition system previously produced by friend of Works Racing David May, has been moved in-house. This is the ignition that has proved so successful on the Works team’s bikes over the last 5 years, proving 100% reliable in all conditions, including the Isle of Man Classic TT.

2MTT Replica Magneto

The unit is externally IDENTICAL TO AN ORIGINAL LUCAS 2MTT and uses all-magnesium construction, making it very light. Inside however, there is a thoroughly modern self-generating solid state ignition system. This features an automatic retard curve at low speed to ease starting and a high energy CDI for ultimate timing accuracy and spark generation. The system is extremely resistant to plug fouling due to the very high voltage generated. If required, a kill switch can be added externally.

2MTT Replica Magneto We have run the ignition on our own ultra-high compression ratio 500s as well as high-revving 350s and various other engines of differing specification including a road spec engine that could be kick-started with ease. The result is always the same:

• Easy starting (even with a kick starter)
• Excellent low speed running
• Clean pick-up from low speed
• Faultless high speed, high load running

In addition to complete magneto units, Works can also supply the commonly-lost points covers to owners of original Lucas mags.